This is crossover from Manila.  Their combination of hardcore and metal adheres to the standards and I can’t complain.  What  I like about this EP is that they are able to capture the aggression and intensity of their live  performance. I  feel like I’m in the thick of a pit when listening to this minus the broken bones.  You should see them live.  The production is decent and you can hear everything with clarity and definition.  The guitar trade offs are  excellent  particularly  with “Discord.” This EP goes straight to your face and messing it up real bad.  Releases like this makes me proud to be Filipino.

Not often enough does a demo this thoroughly shredding come at me in the mail. End of Man hail from the Philippines, and they are a MASSIVE thrash machine! They sound like the classic Bay Area circa 1988, with some modernity thrown in, but not much. They know their thrash, and do it much justice, and any thrashard reading this needs to get in touch with them to get the CDR demo. They are veterans of their scene, and it shows. Each song is well developed, totally  obliterating in its ferocity. The vocals remind me a bit of Sean Killian of Violence, believe it or not, or the gent who sings for Municipal Waste. If you want a copy of this demo, get in touch with me, TTDWarzine (Andrew Parrish), and I will give you their address, as I don’t have it handy at the time of this writing. Rating: 10/10

A relative new name on Phillipinnes, and wider Asia underground scene, is a band called- End Of Man. They were formed in 2002, by the members who have been previously established in homeland underground communitty. In the begining they tried to find key formula, and after coming of “thrash” singer, things get quicker and faster relaization.

“End Of Man” is an EP with 5 songs in. Band work in quintet line-up, and in some way their music belongs to crossover approach. A group combine thrash, power, death, speed metal, and also hard core elements.This is atipically unique crossover.”Third Factor” is for my opinion more interesting theme, from their debut. End Of Man perform interesting version of crossover metal, and their interpretations is enough original, and in the same time
acceptable. Rating: 7.5/10 – Branimir Lokner

End Of Man is obviously influenced by Slayer! So don’t expect any hyper blast beats here! Just pure headbanging, thrash riffs, with some heavy sludgy parts! Not that very original, because some of their riffs are very similar to Slayer… But this is a really good release! And I’m sure of that! The vocals are into old school metal and 80’s hardcore style. And the guitar sounds are heavy and crunchy, which is also my favorite part in this record… The drummer is exemplary he delivers well! This E.P. contains 5 songs with pretty nice cd packaging and the quality of the recording is near perfect! Excellent work!!! This is recommended for Slayer fans!!! No Doubt………!!! Thrash!!! -Gee

END OF MAN plays a mixture of Thrash Metal & Hardcore music. The music has a classic Thrash Metal feel with lots of Hardcore grooves & beats. There is some Thrash guitar shredding in the music as well. They do toss in some breakdowns at times too. The vocals are done in an old school Thrash Metal style with some slight Hardcore touches. They reminded me a lot of NUCLEAR ASSAULT & some EXCEL mixed with FORBIDDEN. These guys really rip & should be given some attention!!!

When I first witness this band playing live, I said to myself that I shoud get a copy of their cd before all man will fucking end, ‘cuz I want to sing along with them, now that I got the cd, it seems like that this cd is fucking old and lots of scratches because this is my soundtrack and spins my pirated cd player everytime I drink alcohol and beers, fuck, man! It’s so obvious that I’m a fan! Hail! This is End of Man’s debut “ep” release that offers to all real metal heads, if you are sick and tired of growling vocals and you love old school trash metal, then, this is what you’re looking for, real singing and screeching a high pitch vocals of a heavy metallers that you could surely sing along with them and bang you head with the grinding and trashing riffs with a double drumming virtuoso, the cd contains five tracks and that’s so fucking bad ‘cuz I want a full length to spin in my cd player when I am drunk and sometimes while having sex, hehe! The track number 3 is my all time favorite called “devoted mistake” it sounded like a power thrash, ballad???, haha the lyrics talks about having relationship that gives hassles at all, ha!, something like that, they’re geeting soft here. The cd packaging is fucking great and affordable with a killer evilish cd artwork done by Isa of Demiurge. you shoud grab a copy of this one before the end of man.

END OF MAN hailing from the mad soils of Marikina, here in Philippines. A four piece long-time metal hordes bringing back the old skool metal assault in the so called “modern” time. Philippines has a very wide and healthy history of the ‘metal’ scene… bands come and go, as what also the band members of EOF had experienced. That’s because everyone of ‘em is a member of the heavy and thrash metal bands in Phillies. This CD EP is a self-produced by the band(terrific CD artwork), throwing off 5 songs, all not exceeding in the 4 minute mark. As the first track kicks off… it was SLAYER that first met, listen closely to the riffs, the style. That’s it. HEAVEN SHALL BURN… the hardcore parts, the breakdowns. Talking about the vokal construction, think of old METALLICA or D.R.I. But never forget their similarity with California’s HIRAX, no doubt! I dig on the lyrical structure, tackling more of a life’s falseness, vengeance.. and some typical metal way. So if you’re one in the underground scene who’s looking for a thrash metal band that ever existed here in Phillies, that will shred you into pieces, that would be EOM and you’ll be floored of their performance, by rekording and im sure in live! That’s recommendable. Grab a copy now! (V)

THRASH METAL is one of my favorite genres; End of Man captures the essence of a great Thrash band. Their combination of powerful vocals, raw artistic lyrics, and highly plausible guitar riffs reminds me of “Death Angel.” But, don’t be confused, these thrashers has a unique style in structuring their music.

End of Man’s self-titled EP is perhaps the best album to listen to when you are driving and you want to run over everyone and everything in your way. I actually listen to it every time I play “Grand Theft Auto. The cool guitar solos is perhaps the Holy Grail for their “Self titled EP”. Combined with powerful lyrics and amazing drum riffs; End of Man would be climbing the charts in no time. The only downside that I could think of is they sound too much like “Death Angel.” (That is a compliment guys…)

So remember guys if you are out at nights and you’re driving, remember to plug in your End of Man CD and RUN OVER EVERY ONE you see. If you are a Thrash fanatic, you will definitely love EOM and if you are not, LISTEN TO THEM and you will love THRASH. – Jericho

In this time period when thrash influenced can either mean something that sounds semi-gothenburg or something that sounds Australian (ie. Gospel of The Horns, Atomizer, etc..) it’s surprising / refreshing to hear some good old thrash metal that hearkens back to the days of when the likes of Forbidden, Anthrax, Death Angel, etc. were common place names. End of Man does exactly that.

This debut MCD from these Retas (ask the band what that means) is 5 tracks of good old riff-tastic metal, excellent songwriting, shouted (not throated) vocals, old hooks, and even a good portion of that enjoyable Anthrax style gang vocals. The songs are reminiscent of the bands mentioned above without sounding like a rip off of any particular one, as cliché as that might sound. In fact what EOM does is basically what these same bands would have done all those years ago. I also personally think it’s great that there’s a band like this who still obviously listen to what I consider an almost forgotten style of metal.

Admittedly this release doesn’t offer anything that will change the face of metal but nevertheless, it’s a very good listen and IT WILL have you banging your head. Imagine the 90s didn’t happen. – Karimlan, January 21st, 2005

Something of an unexpected find, End Of Man’s self-titled mini album sounds a tad more versatile than the most typical recordings in the genre. It is not too difficult to hear a definite Death Angel influence in the band’s music, not only considering the vocals, which can be even sort of refreshing in the contemporary scene. From a technical point of view, the production is a bit unbalanced as the buzzing guitar seems to receive almost too much attention at times. Musically this release also ends up showing more promise than it actually can deliver. It starts out sounding fairly powerful but then the impact gradually fades as no real conclusion is reached. At least there are signs of slightly more creative thinking, despite the mixed quality of the output in the end.

Again, I can’t tell you much about this band. I know the band was founded in 2002 and they are from the Philippines. And somehow they were arising from the ashes of Mass Carnage.

They open up with Discord, a fast thrash metal track in the vein of Bay Area thrashers, but there is something else in their sound… The vocals are partly almost spoken and so remind me of Faith No More’s Mike Patton… But Joey de Guzman also screams and shouts. With The Scourge they had into another thrashy tune, but this time not as fast. The track carries an 80’s atmosphere… Like an early 80’s fast heavy metal tune… I can’t really tell which band or song it reminds me off… Later in the song they slow down a bit, just to storm off again. A blend of 80’s sounds… At Devoted Mistake the guys remind me a bit of Metallica… But again they add other elements, too. With Third Factor they cover a song which was original from their former band – at least some of the guys played in Mass Carnage, but I can’t compare it with the original as I don’t know it. Sorry. Last, but not least Servitude which is a raw thrashy track, but again they vary in speed and so they aren’t just interesting for thrash metal fans!

I confess I was curious to listen to this demo, coz I haven’t heard any Philippine band til now. And as you can get the demo as a free download, there is no reason not to check them out! The guys mix different elements and influences to a thrashy 80’s sound, so if you like the old stuff, then you should give it a try! – Claudia Ehrhardt